CFP: Registering Remembered Voices and Recording Voices to Be Remembered in the works of Geoffrey Hill, MLA Symposium panel

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Call for papers: panel to be presented at the MLA Symposium in LISBON, July 23-25, 2019, Remembering Lost Voices.


du 31 août 2018 au 8 septembre 2018

Please submit proposals on or before September 1st, 2018
In his poetry of multiple voicing, Geoffrey Hill’s attention to voices of testimony from the twentieth century spans across most key European languages (as represented by Hernandez, Machado, Celan, Desnos, Montale, Péguy, and Mandelstam, among others). Simultaneously his works also give voice to poets of antiquity such as Ovid, or to those from the medieval period, such as Petrarch. World War II, the war of his childhood, was only one among many of the world’s destructive conflicts: as such it is embedded within the long timeline of the world’s other tragedies. One may argue that the totality of Hill’s works could today stand as a cultural survival guide for our present times. If the study of the humanities is a cornerstone of democracy, Hill’s work read as a whole gives impetus to resist tyranny and other forms of collapse of human(e) civilisation.


We would like to have 4 papers of 20 minutes each to comprise a 90 minute session that leaves a short 10 minutes for discussion (we can also decide to meet informally afterwards during a coffee break and meal-time to continue the conversation).

If you would like to participate please respond directly to with a title, short descriptive bio statement, and an abstract for your paper before September 1.

Before writing your abstract corresponding to the panel description above, please also look at the pertinent details on the symposium page.

Please be advised that you will need to pay for all registration, travel and lodging fees (perhaps you can obtain some funding from your institution). 

If you intend to participate in this event, please make sure that your MLA membership is up to date, and we also encourage you to become a current member of the SEM (see our membership page for details)

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