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Kate McLoughlin

(Oxford University)

Publié le 10 février 2016 Mis à jour le 21 mars 2017

Institut du Monde Anglophone, 12 juin 2015

'All Of Us': D. H. Lawrence's First World War Poetry for the People

In December 1916, D. H. Lawrence sent his agent, J. B. Pinker, what he described as ‘a tiny book of poems of the present day’. ‘Give it the people as the “war literature” they are looking for,’ Lawrence advised Pinker, ‘they will find themselves in it.’ What Lawrence thought of as the war literature the people were looking for were 31 poems that had undergone an extraordinary transition from fellaheen songs to German Lieder to, now, Lawrentian verses on the tensions and desires inherent in personal relationships during wartime. The 31 were only published for the first time in full under Lawrence’s title All of Us in Cambridge University Press’s 2013 edition of his collected poems. Their appearance is an opportunity to reflect both on how war poetry has been conceptualised and canonised and on Lawrence’s own agonised relationship with the First World War.

Respondent: Cornelius Crowley (Université Paris Nanterre)

Mis à jour le 21 mars 2017